Learning the “natural” and “technical” navigation. Target: The diver should be able to independently orientate underwater.

Course duration:

2 dives

Minimum age:

12 years

Other courses:

SK U/W Videography

How to succeed the perfect video? Learning the correct use of underwater camera and the camera technology.

SK Boat Diving

Train the different possibilities of entering the water, as well as peculiarities of diving from a boat. Explanation of terms and the technology on board.


Learning and training of first aid measures on land and the oxygen delivery after diving accidents.


IAC’s AOWD course is a recognition level and is the ideal course to provide further training in the key areas of diving. The applicant is designed to provide the theory and practice with the principles of underwater navigation and diving deeper than 20 meters, as well as further experience (another Specialty). Upon completion of the course, the applicant should: • be able to safely plan and carry out dives with equally experienced divers, • be able to safely dive to the recommended depths defined by the i.a.c.

SK-Computer Diving

Learning and practicing the various functions of dive computers.

Drift Diving

Identify currents and assess properly to perform safe dives in drift.

SK-Group leadership

Take responsibility for other divers. Learning the different techniques of group leadership above and under water.

SK-U/W Photography

How to succeed the perfect photo? Learning the correct use of underwater camera and the U/W-camera technology.

SK-Drysuit Diving

Learning the correct use of drysuits and exercising the buoyancy with jacket and suit. Proper care and choice when purchasing a dry suit. Note: Please bring your own drysuit (no rental).

SK-equipment and technology

Getting to know the handling and care of the diving equipment incl. scuba diving tanks, as well as the technology behind it.

SK-Night Diving

Learning the advanced use of instruments and hand signs at night. Discover nocturnal animals (plankton fibrillation).


Tips and tricks to improve buoyancy. Train the perfect state of hovering under water. Also recommended, if you were not diving for a longer time.

SK-Sea Caves

Dives into sea caves safely. Identifying potential hazards and diving through closed passages easily.

SK-Deep Diving

Familiarizing with greater depths easily. The diver learns to dive safely in depths up to 40 meterss in theory and in practice.

SK-Wreck Diving

Dive at wrecks safely. Identifying potential hazards and diving carefully in closed passages of the wreck.

Nitrox Basic

Training for safe execution of dives with an oxygen content of up to 40%. Optional with or without diving with Nitrox EAN 32


Learning the “natural” and “technical” navigation. Target: The diver should be able to independently orientate underwater.

SK-Diving Safety and Rescue

Identify and resolve problems before they occur. Learning and training of rescue operations in and out of the water.

Master Diver

The IAC Master Diver will be issued to you if you already have the AOWD or similar as well as the specialties Navigation, Deep Diving, Stress and Rescue. Two other specialties of your choice must be completed with us. Of course, you are welcome to complete all the above specialties with us!


You are Divemaster and looking for a new challenge? You have great fun also to inspire others for the fascination of diving? Become a Scuba Diving Instructor! In cooperation with SCUBADIVING.AT we organize Instructor courses from TL* to TL*** and crossover from all other associations to CMAS/IAC.
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